About us

Love, Laugh, Learn

Our mission is to provide early childhood education centres that are loving and fun places to learn and grow.

We  ensure that children and whānau feel valued, empowered and supported in our centres. We work hard to see every child confident and striving to be the best they can be!

Daniel & Lisa Haring - Owner Managers


Kia ora, we are Daniel and Lisa Haring, the owners of Oasis Preschools. We live locally and have four children, Isabella, Christiana, Amos and Abigail.


As parents ourselves, we have always been passionate about providing early childhood services that support parents and give reassurance that children are safe, loved and that their development is well supported while they are in our care. 


Our preschools have always maintained a Christian character that reflects our own family’s faith, it is part of who we are. The values that we hold in our own family are also the values we want to be evident in our business and that underpin the core priorities we have for children’s learning.