Oasis Preschools

Love, Laugh, Learn

Nurturing friendships & imaginations 

8am-5pm weekdays, flexible sessions

Oasis Family offers a nurturing environment where imaginations and creativity flourish, and children can learn from one another

A family atmosphere full of play and learning

Our Programme 

Oasis Family Preschool is nurturing and full of play and learning. Our mixed-age environment provides a family atmosphere where children form close friendships and learn from one another.

Our programme and environment are focused on nurturing your child’s love of learning by encouraging exploration, wonder, discovery, problem-solving, and, most importantly, by having fun!  Your child is free to follow their own interests, along with opportunities to be involved in group learning projects. 

Our centre is small, with only 30 places, and we keep child-teacher ratios well within the Ministry of Education’s guidelines to ensure that your child will thrive during thier time here.  Our aim is for your child to learn at their own pace and we will encourage them to make their own decisions with supportive guidance.

We run a special four-year group programme. This is an exciting time for these children to be part of a ‘big kids’ group extending on skills that supports them as they get ready for school.

Our Team

Providing safe, fun and age-appropriate learning experiences with nurturing teachers is what we love to do, so ensuring we have the right team of teachers and excellent teacher to child ratios are really important to us. 

Kate Humphries (Dip Tch ECE) leads our team of dedicated early childhood educators providing care that exceeds the Ministry of Education’s requirements.

Our ERO report

Our full report can be found on ERO's website.