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Family Preschool: support & nurturing

At Oasis Family Preschool we offer a nurturing place full of play and learning for 2 - 4 year olds.   Our centre provides an atmosphere where children and their whānau form close relationships with individual teachers, and where children are supported in forming friendships with their peers.

Our programme and environment are focused on nurturing your child’s love of learning by encouraging exploration, wonder, discovery, and, most importantly, by having fun! Your child is free to follow their own interests, along with opportunities to be involved in group learning projects. Our aim is for your child to learn at their own pace and we will encourage them to make their own decisions with supportive guidance.

Our Team

Providing safe, fun and age-appropriate learning experiences with nurturing teachers is what we love to do, so ensuring we have the right team of teachers and excellent teacher to child ratios are really important to us. 

Vanessa Barr (Dip Tch ECE) leads our Family Preschool team.

If you would like to find out more about enrolling your child at Oasis Family Preschool, feel free to give Vanessa a call on 03 528 8039.

Vanessa Bar - Team Leader

Family Preschool

39 Vosper Street


Ph. 03 528 8039

Family Preschool