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Oasis Education Centre: "give it a go or you'll never know"

At Oasis Education Centre we offer an exciting environment for 3 year olds - school.  We are passionate about providing experiences that challenge young children's bodies and minds, where we follow the motto of "give it a go or you'll never know".  Children thrive within our vibrant and nurturing learning environment, knowing that they are cared for, valued and treated with respect. 

Our programme and environment is structured to foster opportunities for creativity, problem-solving, exploration, numeracy, literacy, nature, science, music, drama and language development. Children are free to follow their own interests within the structure of our daily programme.

As children prepare to start school we assist them on this exciting journey. We have a close relationship with local schools and work hard to ensure that when your child starts their chosen school they are ready to fly!

Our Team

We believe learning should be fun! Our team is passionate about making learning experiences for children exciting while ensuring that relationships are nurtured.  

Kevin Rodgers (Dip Tch ECE) leads the Education Centre team.

If you would like to find out more about enrolling your child at Oasis Education Centre, feel free to give Kevin a call on 03 528 4656.

Kevin Rodgers - Team Leader

Oasis Education Centre

12 Wilkinson Street


Ph. 03 528 4656

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