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At Oasis Early Learning Centre we offer a nurturing place full of play and learning for children from 6 months to 3 years.  Our centre allows a space where your child can grow and learn at their own pace. Our centre provides an atmosphere where children and their whānau form close relationships with individual teachers, and where children are supported in forming friendships with their peers.

A dedicated teacher will develop a strong, trusting and consistent relationship with you and your child. We will follow established routines that your child has from home and will keep in close communication with you to ensure the best possible care of your child. We will nurture your child, to see them to thrive!

At Oasis Education Centre we offer an exciting environment for 3 - 6 year olds.  We are passionate about providing experiences that challenge young children's bodies and minds, where we follow the motto of "give it a go, or you'll never know."  Children thrive within our vibrant and nurturing learning environment, knowing that they are cared for, valued and treated

with respect. 

Our programme and environment is structured to foster opportunities for creativity, problem-solving, exploration, numeracy, literacy, nature, science, music, drama and language development. Children are free to follow their own interests within the structure of our daily programme.

Our mixed-age environment has been developed with two separate age-specific rooms, Nga Piwakawaka (6 months -2½ years) and Nga Tui (2½ years - school).  Our younger room ensures that infants and toddlers have a safe, warm personal environment with teachers who provide a dedicated caregiving approach, while our older room, Nga Tui, has a more structured daily routine along with plenty of opportunities for young imaginations

to run wild!

Our outdoor environment allows children from both rooms to mix in social play while enjoying the lovely natural garden setting along with play equipment that is set-up to challenge, encourage and inspire young bodies and minds.

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