Welcome to Oasis Prechools

Our mission, our vision

Our mission is to provide provide early childhood centres that are loving and fun places for children to learn and grow.


         We want children, parents, teachers and whānau to feel valued, empowered and supported. We aspire to see every child confident and striving to be the best they can be.

Our Priorities

Our priorities are at the heart of everything we do and are what we want for children’s learning, empowering them on life’s journey.

Great Communicators

Nga kaikorero nui  

expressive & creative

Respectful and Caring

Whakaute me te manaaki  

caring for ourselves, one another and our world

Confident Learners

He akonga pakari 

curious and courageous

Proud of Identity

Te whakapiki i te tuakiri 

accepting and celebrating diversity

Values for Life

The values we hold important in life help form our character. The character of our organisation is founded on the values of our Christian faith. We are committed to serving families and our communities in supporting children to be healthy in mind, body & spirit and reflecting the values of being: honest, kind, thankful, persistent, resilient, humble and acknowledging God.  These Values for Life are respectfully woven into our practices and collectively support our priorities in empowering children to live their life to their full potential.